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Hydra Lerna is an independent writer/producer.

A one-girl-show and experienced studio engineer, Hydra writes, records and produces all her music herself.

As well as her love for pop and electronic music, Hydra Lerna is a compentent harpist, and sometimes incorporating live harp-playing into her music. It’s an unconventional combination; Hydra Lerna grew up in a household with a classical music-loving mother, and an EDM-loving father, but no doubt the instrument adds a curiously dark innocence to her sound.

Hydra Lerna has opened for artists including JP Cooper, Mullally, Billy Lockett, Let's Eat Grandma, Eckoes and Hezen. BBC Introducing in Norfolk and BBC Introducing in Suffolk are fans of her music. 

Hydra Lerna is based in Norwich, but says “I’m probably in a studio, on the train from Norwich to London, or waiting at the McDonald’s DriveThru.”

“She clearly has incredible talent, layering harp loops over electronic beats and synths, creating ethereal and beautiful music topped with a stunning and powerful singing voice… (Reckless) is not just the best piece of locally produced music I’ve heard this year, it’s one of the best pieces of music I’ve heard anywhere. Somehow live it was even better, and it was fascinating to see how it was constructed on stage, using the harp and various pedals, linked to the electronics, topped with the vocals.”

Paul Jones, Evening News, review from Hydra Lerna’s EP launch party

The song explores the emotions associated with trying to move on from a dark and dirty past, but it’s not a heavy listen – it’s an uplifting, cleansing tune.”

Gigslutz music blog on Clean Like You, Hydra Lerna.


I’ve always got a lot of time for people that open up about troubles that they’ve had and how they try and work through them…and we’ve got a lot of time for good songs as well and that’s why we played that one.

Jay Lawrence of BBC Introducing in Norfolk on Angel Vs. Psycho, Hydra Lerna


Wonderful stuff

Graeme Mac of BBC Introducing in Suffolk on Reckless, Hydra Lerna


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